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Editorial Desk - Invitation Issue - Vijay Naitrav
Your business furtherance, digitally.
The ideas of this digital magazine and ePublishing contribution have the origin in two sets of involvements. First and foremost, they are based on my  years in management roles and practices in the last three and a half decades. Second, for the last seven years, I have flexed my contracts in startup businesses and companies that had insufficient startup funding, inadequate cash flow, marketing failures, and budgeting miscalculations, which resulted in amplifying and clarifying many of my thoughts put into powerful actions.
Article Published: 'Invitation Issue' of SME Business Digest, a Digital Business Magazine - Feb-Mar2021

One way to find the growth for MSMBs (Micro, Small, and Medium Businesses) is to get them promotional progression using Digital Publishing and Marketing.


I recalled my contributions of articles in print media especially encouraging SMEs, a couple of decades ago. My family and friends convinced me to think in those lines of yesterday. Taking this as an offshoot of the current eTraining Modules, I wish to offer my complete support to freelancers, small, and medium business units through business-coverage, an uncomplicated digital advertising model that is affordable,  and to bring prolific promotional values for them.


I enjoy doing the publishing again through this digital magazine with the aid of my exposure in scaling up small and medium businesses.


‘Thanks’ to all the people who have been wishing me to introduce this as a service. Stay tuned to our next issue in knowing more business people and their services. 

*  You'll find limited coverage of articles, topics, interviews, and specimen advertisements being an INVITATION ISSUE.


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The recent pandemic has uprooted all sizes and types of businesses. If you start counting how many, it will be too many. Now the new challenge is how to turnaround and recover ‘business continuity’.
It is not a thoughtless idea to start a business. Such an idea originates from the desire to achieve success.  Nevertheless, the answers are not straightforward to beat the odds and challenges in business.
On the verge of any business failure, most of the owners pin up ‘working capital’ or ‘further investment’. Normally the business does not fail until certain poor decisions in management make it fail.
No matter what business you’re in. If you’re in SME sector, you have ‘Customer Relationship Management (CRM)’ in a way.
Who’s the hero behind the placement? Is it the student, college, or the company? "
Why should you follow such practices, rules, formalities, and precautions? What makes you accept these values? Which one is stopping you against your solicitous practice?
It was all about onboarding a software engineer with rare skills and experience in our global giant company. This time, Ramkrishnan, my President had guaranteed one of our global clients, a top leader in automobiles, in getting a resource from India. …….read more
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