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jolly japes - viji
I have used the last line of Jeffrey Archer’s “Shall we tell the president”, as a jape for this small article.  - BY  viji
It was all about onboarding a software engineer with rare skills and experience in our global giant company. This time, Ramkrishnan, my President had guaranteed one of our global clients, a top leader in automobiles, in getting a resource from India. It was on my head as the head of resourcing, but the combination of skillset and the experience was a far cry from what we said we were going to do. Getting such a candidate was a challenge. We interviewed six candidates and four of them could not meet our standards. The remaining two candidates crossed all stages of interviews including client’s interviews and were ready to take offers.
On a Friday morning around 11 a.m, Ramya, my team member called my intercom number to say, “We’ve made it Raj. You know how we strained our nerves to get this position filled in the last two weeks. It’s all over now.” I could feel the excitement and ecstasy in her voice. I hesitated a bit, yet I had a feeling that I was passing into this recruitment clutches and if I gave in now I should become just like every recruiter calling the positions ‘closed’. I took no time to breathe at once!

Registering respectful attention, I patted my left shoulder with my right arm and turned to pick my hand phone to call up Ram, the President. Ram was extremely happy and ostensibly, he was in a lovely mood to appreciate my efforts. I painted a portrait of a man with my pen while I was speaking to him. All intents and purposes worked out and that weekend was peaceful.
It wasn’t a gloomy Monday and the time was around 9.30 a.m. The resourcing members were having chats with the recruiters inside the recruitment room about the various positions that were needed to be filled for the week.
Ramya confirmed that Ravi, the new candidate has reached our complex security check. She also confirmed that he was carrying all documents. That was good news. He had to cross two more security checkpoints, one at the entrance of the building and the next was our office security point. When we calculated, it was hardly 15 minutes to go. 
20 minutes….30 minutes….60 minutes passed out and that candidate Ravi did not reach our front office security. I couldn’t spot Ramya in that place and that corroborated me that she should have gone to the ‘new resources on-boarding room’ , but I never realized that she was hiding herself from meeting me. 
As I felt, Ramya was answering to say, “Sorry Raj. That guy Ravi did not join and his mobile number is switched off. I’ll somehow trace him to get the answer.” I could feel the avoidance of continuing the conversation further from the other end.
“Where has he gone? We’re on the 4th floor. He mustn’t have gone out. It’s funny and strange. Find where is he hiding Ramya.” I said it in a commanding voice.
I somehow called up Ram and conveyed the message. “I anticipated it Raj.  Make that recruitment team tight and don’t bat for them. (he paused…) Now....without any further delay, get the other guy on-board quickly!” and that was a very curt reply.

No one from our team believed that Ramya did her investigative job before the evening to find the person. At last, he was found in the same building, but with another company from the 3rd floor trying to negotiate with them on CTC and perks. That company had given him time as he expected more than what we had given him.
The second candidate Sudhir was offered the job and the on-board date was on the following Wednesday.
On Wednesday at 5 a.m in my deep sleep, I heard my mobile ringtone ‘the winner takes it all….’ – a beauty from ABBA was on. I answered to say, “Hello” and the person from the other end sighed heavily and asked, “Are you sure you would make the guy join us?”.
Yes, Ram. We’ve made him accept the best and let’s board him today.” I said, without any slightest anxiety.
“I’ve the worst luck run deep these days. Don’t go with the candidate’s promises and screw it. Guys are hungry, I tell you!” – the strained voice from the other end ended the call with a beep sound. There was no semblance of greetings from him like it was never anytime before. It wasn’t new to many who knew him. I didn’t feel for his curt approach but was appreciating his dedication.
I had felt his duty-bound commitments several times. I couldn’t resist writing it here. He used to wake me up at 4 a.m. to remind me about the importance of 2 p.m. meeting.

Normally he used not more than 4 or 5 minutes of that time but never failed to wish me hitting the bed again. Such a committed leader who cannot sleep and makes others sleepless.

Wednesday at 9.30 a.m. Sudhir was supposed to join us. I again found Ramya missing in her seat.

It was 10 a.m. and people in that world’s biggest IT company have started occupying their seats.

Unable to sit still while my mind was crawling with alarm for the 4 o’clock meeting. Ram’s commitment of on-boarding the resource flashed like a video. Thinking of him, I got a call on my mobile from him.

He called me from the smoking zone with a foiled voice saying, ‘What’s happening?” I enticed him with a reply, “Relax Ram, Our recruitment team can do things. They know your commitment should be honored today”.

Within 5 minutes Ramya called me to say, “Sudhir, the resource is in place. We’re through Raj.”

I was pleased to hear such a message. I asked her, “How did you make it with the follow-up?”

The simple answer was, “I waited near the complex security point to receive Sudhir and directed him to the onboard room.”

Her next question to me was, “Shall we tell the President?”
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The recent pandemic has uprooted all sizes and types of businesses. If you start counting how many, it will be too many. Now the new challenge is how to turnaround and recover ‘business continuity’.
It is not a thoughtless idea to start a business. Such an idea originates from the desire to achieve success.  Nevertheless, the answers are not straightforward to beat the odds and challenges in business.
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No matter what business you’re in. If you’re in SME sector, you have ‘Customer Relationship Management (CRM)’ in a way.
Who’s the hero behind the placement? Is it the student, college, or the company? "
Why should you follow such practices, rules, formalities, and precautions? What makes you accept these values? Which one is stopping you against your solicitous practice?
It was all about onboarding a software engineer with rare skills and experience in our global giant company. This time, Ramkrishnan, my President had guaranteed one of our global clients, a top leader in automobiles, in getting a resource from India. …….read more
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